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Gardening is a huge passion of mine. I can’t think of a more peaceful, serene way to spend “me time” than feeling the soil in my hands while savoring the sweet scent of roses and lilies. When I’m in the garden, I reflect on life and all its blessings. I vividly recall one warm summer evening in 2011 that forever changed my vision for Must Love Shoes.

The evening was perfect. As I tended to my flowers, the sounds of the local church bells filled the air. I look forward to these hymns at dusk because it reminds me that I am connected to something, someone much greater than me. It’s been said that “love began in a garden” and I was very much aware of it that night. I wished I could capture that moment forever and share that feeling with the many people I care about.


My thoughts drifted to a conversation I’d recently had with a colleague who works for a local nonprofit. She shared her concerns for the growing number of local families who could not afford shoes for their children.


Two seemingly unconnected thoughts came together—wanting my friends to feel the love in my gardens and wishing that all children could know the excitement of a new pair of shoes when school starts. I was inspired.

Since that summer “Soles Of Love In The Garden” has become a highly anticipated annual charity event. A relaxing evening of friendship, conversation, music, and community nestled among my extensive Vintage style gardens. Guests are asked to donate all the new children’s shoes their heart will allow and they are later distributed to local children in need.


Since our first event, this gathering has grown exponentially. In the past 10 years, we have donated over 13,000 pairs of new shoes and collected additional cash donations for the purchase of new winter boots.


Due to popular demand, “Soles Of Love In The Garden” now also accepts sponsorships from local businesses and individuals who believe in the cause. To learn more about how you can be involved in this year’s event please click here.

Together, we can all make a difference.