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Of all things that could possibly inspire a book series…



Are there any of us out there who don’t love shoes? Shoes are much more than leather, buckles and adorable bows. Shoes are symbols of our travels, all the places we’ve gone and the journey that lies ahead. We rely on shoes to help us place one foot in front of the other, no matter what obstacles we face. We realize it’s not our place to judge others, especially as we’ve never truly walked in their shoes.

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Must Love Shoes

Must Love Shoes

– $14.95

The Book That Started It All!


A delightfully refreshing look at life from a woman’s perspective. Many of life’s ordinary moments captured in such a way that we can see the meaning, lesson, and beauty in the little things. A thoughtful collection of experiences detailing the roller coaster of life as seen through the unique perspective of a humorous motivational speaker.

Must Love Shoes 2

Must Love Shoes 2: The Adventure Continues 

– $14.95

More Fun, Love, Introspection…and Shoes!


Julie continues to share stories about childbirth, crazy holiday memories, quirky phobias, memory loss, and some of her most hilarious and memorable moments. This truly original book for women details experiences everyone can relate to told candidly through the eyes of a woman motivational speaker.

Random Musings

Must Love Shoes: Random Musings 

– $14.95

For The First Time In One Collection!


Curious as to what enters Julie’s mind during any given day? Now you can step inside the often humorous, mostly reflective, consistently thought-provoking yet always entertaining world of everyone’s favorite shoe loving redhead. Culled from a diverse collection of social media postings, speaking engagements, and brand new anecdotes, “Random Musings” is like the unreleased bonus material found on your favorite musician’s “Greatest Hits” album—but a whole lot funnier!

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Seasons at Meadow Branch Farm

– $35

Bringing you the beauty of the farm.


Meadow Branch farm has welcomed hundreds of visitors through the years, and has served as a backdrop for charity galas, corporate retreats, and intimate teas amongst friends. Now, the gardens take center stage. Gaze through the pages of vibrant gardens, and bring the beauty of Meadow Branch Farm into your home.

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Meet the Storyteller


By day, Julie Gaver is a professional, humorous motivational speaker known for incorporating a unique blend of experience and theatrics to a wide variety of organizations. She shares her inspiring messages to corporations, nonprofit associations, and educational institutions as well as being a favorite choice for women’s events, conferences, ladies retreats and special events of all types. Julie is very approachable, making time immediately after her presentations to share, talk, and interact with your guests.