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Memories from the Attic

Meet Feisty. My “boyfriend” gave him to me for our first Valentines Day together in 1975.
Feisty went with me to college.
After college, I married that boyfriend.
So Feisty moved in with us at our new home.
When our first son was born, he loved Feisty.
When our second son was born, he loved Feisty too.
They both loved the stuffing out of him.
Feisty even became the “centerpiece” for many baby showers I gave for friends and family after the boys were too old for him.
Eventually Feisty moved to the attic where he lived so long I forgot about him……Until today when I was clearing the attic.
Some people say that THINGS don’t matter.
But I disagree.
Some things remind us of a life well lived.
Some things remind us that we had so much love at times we were bursting at the seams.
Those things are meant to be with us forever.
Thanks, Feisty, for such a beautiful, happy, poignant reminder of our family’s journey together.