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Meet Our 2019 In-Kind Sponsors

Our last series of Sponsor posts highlight an impressive list of individuals who are either donating all of their services to the Soles of Love effort or at a significant discount. They are a group of friends who have a heart and “sole” for this event and humbly and graciously serve.


Husband and wife team photographers Amy Cullember and Mark Damon arrived on the Soles scene two years ago when we made the decision to add to the photography team due to the growing number of guests attending. Their style of photography is one that captures the surreal and magical mood of the evening. Snapping candid photos of attendees through the flowers, capturing butterflies that momentarily land on top of an umbrella, or even a fleeting embrace between good friends, Amy and Mark proved their mettle  in a very big way last year when they produced such beautiful shots in the pouring rain. (And with great grace and a sense of humor, I might add)  They are back again this year for our Friday night soiree as well as on Sunday evening as they capture our mother/grandmother & daughter pictures. I can’t wait to see them!

If you don’t follow them on Facebook, you must. Just one quick glance at their page will have you falling in love with the Old Red Farmhouse, Winter the pony who dreams of being a Unicorn, and the magical gardens which serve as a backdrop for so many of their exquisite portraits.

Amy and Mark have been the photographers behind my new SASS Magazine ad campaign and photo shoots with them is always filled with laughs. I’m grateful for their friendship in addition to what they do for our Soles efforts.


New to the Soles of Love photography team is Chrissy Miller of Szemere Photography. Chrissy will surely be busy this year as she will be stationed at our inaugural WINGS mural which was created recently to watch over our work-in-progress Memorial Garden in the meadow.

Chrissy came to the farm earlier this week, equipped with some beautiful models to run a couple test shots so that the pics you receive when you “take flight” are pleasing to you. We invite you to stop by the mural and make sure you meet Chrissy. She has a passion for creating “true-to-you” portraits and enjoys capturing people in their own unique-to-them personal or business portraits, events or editorial submissions. Having been in the industry over 20 years, she continues to explore new and innovative techniques which is the sign of a true professional!

As part of her work with Szemere, Chrissy is the brain child behind The Inspiration Project, a photojournalism effort which honors individuals in the community who are living a life of inspiration and positivity. I was honored to have been one of her subjects this past year and I can tell you, from experience, that her mind creates the most interesting scenes which she professionally transfers into a photo.

Working with her made me realize how much attention to detail she pays and the outcome as a result of it. She puts a tremendous amount of thought and effort into knowing her subjects in order to develop a relationship and so be prepared to make a new friend next Friday night. Thanks Chrissy, for being you!