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Meet Kitten Level Sponsors: Susan Bowen, Betsy Cowperthwaite, and Amy Clapp

As we begin showcasing our next level of Sponsorships, I’d like to introduce you to three women who stepped up in a BIG way as individuals signing on as KITTEN LEVEL Sponsors.

Meet Susan Bowen!  To share her story, I need to take you back…..waaaaay back.  Sue and I were roommates at Frostburg State University. I’m not going to tell you what years we were there, but when we were Bobcats, puka shells and leisure suits were in style. And if you have to ask what puka shells are, then we can’t be friends!

Sue and I were not only roommates, we were sisters of Lambda Phi Delta. Here’s what I know about my Lambda sisters, especially Sue. Time may pass. Lives may go in different directions. Friends may become so distracted by the obligations of work, child rearing, and family that it feels like they are no longer part of your life. But when the unexpected happens and they re-enter, it is as if that separation was merely a heartbeat.  Thanks to Facebook Sue is back in my life and I can’t WAIT until our reunion in person on August 2nd.

Thank you Sue for re-entering my life. Thank you for the faith you’ve placed in me and supporting this cause as evidenced by your Sponsorship. But more importantly thank you for being the originator of  the most frequent quote I’ve shared over the years whenever I wanted to excuse away some ridiculous thing I’d done. “For someone so smart, you sure have no common sense!”  🙂  Do you remember saying that?  Love you!


Meet Betsy Cowperthwaite!  Betsy entered my life when I wanted my sons to learn something I’ve never been able to:  swim!  (I know…. I’m beyond teachable in that category)  My young sons were totally infatuated with their swimming instructor and willing to leap tall buildings and jump off diving boards to earn her attention and approval. (Now that they’re adults, they hate it when I tell people that, but it’s true!) 

Betsy is another person I adore but had lost touch with over the years but I’m so happy to have reconnected in recent years. She’s still gorgeous. Still has the sweetest and kindest personality, but is now also the mom of a very accomplished swimmer! Her daughter Riley recently qualified for the State Long Course Swimming Championships which will be held at St. Mary’s College during our Soles event. Instead, she will be where she is supposed to be: cheering on Riley and experiencing a mama’s pride!  Thanks again Betsy for your generous support of Soles of Love!


Lastly, meet Amy Clapp! Amy and her husband, Jim are long time Fredericktonians although they call Middletown their home. An avid gardener, lover of historic homes, and supporter of many philanthropic endeavors, you can understand why she is someone I feel a strong sense of connection to. The problem is that I rarely get to see her and so each year, as she graciously supports our cause of providing new shoes for local children in need, I vow that this year will be different.

So Amy – I’m putting this out there!  Let’s meet for iced tea and a walk through the garden!  Unfortunately, her travel plans prevent her from attending the event this year but please make sure when you see her, you greet her as one of our “Soles Sisters!”