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Meet Platform Sponsor: Stauffer Funeral Homes

It’s no coincidence that I chose the Independence Day holiday week to write about our next Platform Level Sponsor. The 4th of July is about celebrating life, community, and family. It’s about gazing toward the sky in awe of a magnificent fireworks display while your heart swells with love for the people you are sharing it with. The 4th of July is about celebrating what gives life meaning.

Stauffer Funeral Homes believe that life matters…... that it is not only measured in the big monumental events, rather a collection of those smaller, more intimate gathering of memories. And when the time comes to celebrate the life and legacy of your loved one,  Stauffer Funeral Homes becomes part of your extended family. The care and attention they give is a reminder that you matter as well. To honor the memory of your loved one and celebrate the impact they had on the family and community is their greatest purpose. So it’s no surprise that giving back to those in need is part of their core beliefs and corporate culture. They are longtime friends of Soles of Love, not only through their financial support and attendance at the event, but as a Shoebox Drop off Location Sponsor.

For those who have experienced the Stauffer touch,” the secret to their success is really no secret at all. It is obvious the moment the process begins. Giving families the freedom and space to make decisions that best honor the life of their loved one is what makes them special. And while they are focused on honoring what gave that life meaning, Stauffer takes care of the rest. And there’s nothing more magnificent than that!