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Meet Platform Sponsor: Team Bonnie & Maureen-RE/MAX Realty Plus

Nothing offers the storyteller a more captive audience like a tale about buying or selling a home. When our next Platform Level Sponsor, Team Bonnie & Maureen-RE/MAX Realty Plus is one of the main characters, it’s sure to be one with a positive story line. That’s because for over 30 years Maureen Nichols, Bonnie Winkler and their team of professionals have been, not only promoting the Amercian Dream in Maryland, they’ve been writing their own bestseller!

Serving both Buyers and Sellers with integrity and top notch negotiation skills, Team Bonnie & Maureen know how to deliver superior service, even when the plots associated with complex real estate transactions twist and turn. They understand real estate and are not only comfortable with some of the intricacies of the deal but actually thrive on and enjoy it.

When I asked Maureen the secret to their success, she shared “We want buyers and sellers to not just be happy that it’s over, but be happy and have a great story to tell about us.”  With that kind of mission, it’s no wonder they are one of our county’s go-to real esate teams when a client needs to get the job done.

The extra mile. With every buyer. Every seller. From generation to generation. That’s a story I’d like to hear told over and over again.

Soles of Love is grateful that Team Bonnie & Maureen-RE/MAX Realty Plus has become part of our story to help all children start school with a new pair of shoes. Talk about happy endings!