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Meet Platform Sponsor: Middletown Valley Bank

As a creative, artistic person, I’ve long been fascinated with color, especially the symbolism and emotion it evokes when one receives it. So it’s no surprise that our PLATFORM SPONSOR, Middletown Valley Bank’s firm color includes blue.

Blue is the color that symbolizes loyalty. Strength. Wisdom. Trust. And aren’t they the exact qualities you look for in a relationship as important as your financial institution?

Over the past several years, the firm has made a concentrated effort to expand the footprint and availability of services to their customers in Washington and Frederick counties — the recent acquisition of Mlend, a celebrated grand opening of the Paramount Branch, and a new Operations Center which facilitates a more efficient level of service and communication.

Their wisdom is shared with all clients but they are especially dedicated to helping our “younger generation” prepare for financial success in the workforce. That loyalty and commitment to our future leaders is evident through their paid internship program for college students. In addition, their financial literacy programs are on pace for another record setting year!

That loyalty is witnessed over and over again through their high profile in the community and they support dozens of nonprofit organizations through either financial support or their presence! (Look for them at this year’s event–they have been long time attendees!)

The secret to the steady success of Middletown Valley Bank is their people and the culture their leadership team has consistently nutured by hiring employees who understand that the Absolutely Exceptional Experience is not just a mantra, rather a way of life. A solid, true-blue commitment you can count on.

Thanks again for your support MVB! We look forward to seeing you again this year!