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Meet Stiletto Sponsor: Spherion

If you haven’t yet met Tammy Feaster of Spherion, make that your 2019 resolution to do so! And the fact that we are halfway through the year means you better get moving!

Speaking of moving, if I created a list of “Frederick’s Movers and Shakers” this fun and sassy boss lady would top that list! She is one of those “go big or go home!” gals–the kind of person I get energy from just being in her presence.  She’s often a top donor at many charity events around the area and loves a good “competitive bidding” when auctions begin! (I know because I’ve seen her in action!) 

So it’s no surprise that Spherion’s success in the local area continues to skyrocket with that kind of energetic leadership. As someone who has worked in the workforce development field for a long time, I know the challenges businesses face trying to recruit and maintain good employees. It adds great stress and distraction to an already full workload and that’s why managers have relied on Spherion for the past seven decades. They know what it takes to attract, engage and retain great employees. The secret to their success is that, by running several local franchises, Tammy and her highly capable team of professionals know our local market and work diligently to maintain close relationships with a wide network of candidates.

Spherion additionally made a significant donation to the Shoebox Sponsor competition and to date, has been the only company coming close to unseating WLR Automotive Group in collecting the most children’s shoes in the past. So it’s with a bit of reverence and an overabundance of awe that I recognize Tammy and the team at Spherion for once again “going BIG!”