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Meet Stiletto Sponsor: Woodsboro Bank


“Cream always rises to the top. So do good leaders.” John Paul Warren


We’re thrilled to have Woodsboro Bank rise to one of the top spots of our Sponsor Leader Board for this year’s Soles of Love event. Signing on as a Stiletto Sponsor for the first time, Woodsboro Bank fully understands what it means to blend energetic leadership, respect for tradition, and a commitment to community to create a culture known as “One Woodsboro.”  That’s the secret to their success and one that epitomizes the significance of working and living together to demonstrate their mission, vision, and values.

You can’t celebrate 120 years in business without honoring the importance of tradition in Frederick County. Tradition ensures that customers come first and that a banking relationship is a partnership, much like a marriage. Partnerships require a promise to be the best for others– colleagues, clients, community, and shareholders.

As Frederick continues to grow and flourish, Woodsboro Bank is confident that they have the energy and enthusiasm to keep rising to the top.  Staying abreast of the latest in banking practices while maintaining a high profile in community and civic endeavors, One Woodsboro will surely influence the direction of banking in Frederick County for years to come. Because that’s what leaders do.