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Meet Stiletto Sponsor: WLR Automotive Group

If Frederick County were “high school,” then our next Stiletto Sponsor would be the ‘cheerleading squad.’ Because they are undoubtably the cool kids in town! And when it comes to Soles of Love, the excitement builds the moment they arrive on the scene. The demeanor and enthusiasm of the WLR Automotive Group ladies at our event is a direct reflection of the passion, commitment, and exuberance they show for all of Frederick County.

As an organization, they believe in a single purpose:  “Changing lives, one neighbor at a time.” Their recently revised purpose statement says it all- –

“With a strong passion for people, collective creativity, and unwavering integrity, we strive to make each and every single person with whom we engage feel better for having come into contact with us. Our purpose give us the opportunity to serve our customers with an innovative outlook and refined excellence. Our purpose yields a culture of invaluable unity.”

For the past three years WLR Automotive Group has also served as a Shoebox Sponsor and have signed on once again. They are hoping to defend their title as the company collecting the most shoes for the third year in a row. Can they do it for a 4th year this August? Something tells me they’ll work hard to make sure they do because the secret to their success is to lead with generosity, putting people first knowing that when they do, it flows through their business.

And that is something worth cheering about.  Give me a W! Give me a L! Give me an R!