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Meet our Kitten Heel Level Sponsors: Part 1

Our list of individuals and organizations signing up at the Kitten Level Sponsorship level is the longest it has ever been in the history of Soles of Love. I am grateful to be surrounded by such a growing collection of accomplished, dynamic, and gifted group of women.  Introducing….


Dr. Jennifer Bell of Foot & Ankle Specialist of Mid Atlantic. Our shoes are only as comfortable as the condition of the feet we slip into them. Foot and Ankle Specialists of the Mid-Atlantic (FASMA) provides a wide array of podiatry specialities and services to assure that your tootsies are in tip-top shape. They work with individuals who experience a wide variety of ailments including bunions, hammertoes, sports related injuries, issues related to diabetes, and the list goes on. Dr. Jennifer has the absolute BEST bedside manner – just ask my dad! He is a HUGE fan, and when can a person actually say they enjoy a trip to the doctor? Look for her at the garden party! She’s always wearing a big smile on her face and I’m guessing…. very practical shoes.


Edith (Edie) Wennick, Senior Financial Advisor, Merrill LynchEdie has been our financial advisor for many years. She’s been my friend for even longer. Trust, integrity, and the ability to explain in layman’s terms what our money is doing are among the reasons I value her financial services so very much. Conveniently located on East Patrick Street, downtown Frederick, Edie has been a respected member of the Frederick business community for many years. Life doesn’t always go the way we plan. My family can attest to that. Having a trusted advisor who can help you navigate through those unexpected life changes with confidence is one of the greatest feelings of security you can have.


Wendy Friend, Remax Results.  I met Wendy this past January when I had the good fortune to facilitate a Strategic Planning Retreat for FCAR. As an active member of their board and an enthusiastic participant in our strategic planning process, she was someone who I immediately felt a connection to. As the days progressed I found her to be friendly, funny, and smart– qualities that I admire in anyone but also realizing how important they are in a realtor when you are about to experience one of life’s biggest transitions. Wendy is licensed to represent Frederick, Washington, and Montgomery Counties and is a past Hall of Fame-r for Remax Results. Her list of certifications are expansive but in my humble opinion, certifications pale in comparison to the feeling you get when you meet a realtor who is the real deal. That’s Wendy!


Beth Schillaci, co-creator of Inner Child has more creative ideas before breakfast than I have in a month! She keeps a notebook close by whenever the spirit hits and Inner Child Home Fragrances was one of those brilliant ideas. Their expansive collection of soy candles that feature fragrances with a story may be their product line, but their fundamental values are what make them more than just another pretty candle. Check out their website and you’ll find that their core values have to do with kindness, creativity, fun….. can you see why I love them so much? Inner Child is a big believer in giving back and Soles of Love was the benefactor of one of those efforts.  In addition, Beth worked tirelessly with me to add Ginger Orange, a private label soy candle to my Julie Gaver Discovery product line. Light their candles. Take a big breath in. Escape. Inner Child wants to take you back to revisit those memories when life was simple.