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Meet Platform Sponsor: The Kitchen Studio Cooking School

My goals in life are quite simple: Have fun. Make a difference. Eat good food.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that I’m a HUGE fan of Christine Van Bloem, owner of The Kitchen Studio Cooking School.  This saucy, sassy chef knows that when it comes to mixing business and pleasure, it all happens in her kitchen.  Using good, fresh food with a dash of fun and laughter, Christine and her devoted team provide a buffet of recreational course offerings for adults, kids, teens, private groups, and organizations wanting a unique teambuilding experience.

The Kitchen Studio Cooking School has been a main ingredient in Sole’s Sponsor list for several years. They love causes that have a real impact on local kids and especially being able to see first hand how they help! That’s a really big deal for them… and for us too! So we love having Soles in their Kitchen!
Christine and her team said they could also relate to our Clean Slate theme for this year. In her words,
“Sometimes, when you’re in the same space for a long time, it’s easy to just keep marching on. Every year or two, we stop, take a good hard look at where we are and how we’re working, then re-adjust. It’s our version of the Clean Slate. We look at new things to focus on, new techniques and classes to offer, and what needs to begin anew. This year, we’re looking hard at incorporating more health-focused cooking classes in the fall as part of a fresh start. Also, every several years we have done a small renovation, that has really given us the ability to start again. “
Food, fun, and making a difference! Soles of Love thanks The Kitchen Studio Cooking School for a recipe that will continue to be a crowd pleaser for years to come!