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Soles of Love in the Garden: Meet our Flip Flop Sponsors

Why do we have Flip Flop Sponsors?  Well, just think about the actual footwear for a minute… A flip-flop doesn’t quite give you the “coverage” of a sturdier shoe but they are fun, playful and they get the job done.

The same is true of this year’s long list of Flip Flop Sponsors. Their collective support makes a strong statement in our quest to provide new shoes for local children in need and they do it in a fun and playful way. With gratitude, I present this year’s sponsors:

  1. Marilyn Bagel, Events and Multimedia Scriptwriter
  2. Lori Benedetto, CPR, and First Aid Training
  3. Marj Berkheimer
  4. Esther Bowman
  5. Lisa Brandenburg
  6. Kate Cullen, Mediation Services of Frederick
  7. Pam Dalton, WFMD/WFRE
  8. Donna Gregory
  9. Tonya Hatosy-Stier
  10. Keller Stonebraker Insurance
  11. Ellen Keyser
  12. Karlys and Tom “Klynch”
  13. The Vickie Krolak Family
  14. Erin Marr
  15. McLaughlin Chiropractic
  16. Marcia Miller
  17. Leesa Ruderman
  18. Cynthia Perini
  19. RAW Designs, LLC. Terry Drankiewicz
  20. Nancy and Myron Randall
  21. Serendipity Circle at MUMC
  22. Peggy Waxter
  23. Beth Weber
  24. Kristi Jacob Woods, Frederick Area Homes at Radcliffe Realty
  25. The Word Woman, LLC

This may just be our longest list ever and so my heart is very full. See you ladies on Friday night!