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Soles of Love in the Garden: The Kitten Heel Sponsors Continue

Our next set of Kitten Heel Sponsors includes some new faces to Soles of Love. How exciting that our community continues to grow!

Brenda Johnson

Brenda Johnson is probably the closest thing I have to a PR agent. ? I am humbled by her willingness to support the many causes I believe in but especially all that she has done to promote my quest to provide new shoes for our local children in need. A fellow MUMC (Middletown United Methodist Church) goer, Brenda is one of those people who just makes you feel good. There is no doubt that the “Fruit of the Spirit” lives deeply within her.

Whether it’s collecting bags of shoes, applauding and supporting charities of many kinds, or sharing the good news, one thing is certain, my life is better with Brenda in it. And yours will be too. I hope you will take the time to seek her out at next Friday’s party. She’s making our party a mother-daughter night out. You’ll know her by all the women smiling in her presence. Thanks, my friend, for all you’ve done to make this world a better place.



Brian Laurich, Vintage Sign Co.

Vintage Sign Co., owned by Brian Laurich is back again in support of Soles of Love. I have to admit, I’m especially excited to host next year’s party at Meadow Branch Farm because you will be welcomed, first hand, by Brian’s exquisite work. He created the sign which holds court at the entrance to our farm. Working with him on that project was a delight. In fact, once the renovations are complete on the property, Brian will be creating additional signs to add just the right touch of vintage to our fully restored property.

An artist by profession, Brian left the graphics art field to begin his business, having created unique, authentic pieces for Polo Ralph Lauren, NBC Universal, and the History Channel, to name a few. His work is of the highest quality and he goes to extreme lengths to help clients visualize the final product before his work begins. His wife, Christine, will represent Vintage Sign Co. once again at this year’s party, and I always appreciate their support.



Love and Dishes Catering

I became obsessed with Minda Metz of Love and Dishes Catering when she owned The Buzz, a unique bakery/cafe in Monrovia. The food was always spectacular but my crush lies in the creativity and wit she brings to the presentation… and as they say…. it’s all in the presentation.

Love and Dishes cater the Must Love Shoes Book Club events and I’m amazed at her ability to tie her menu offering to the theme of the book we are discussing. Because of Minda, our book club meetings are called “events” because she raised the bar–they truly are a party!  If you want to experience the delicious talent of Love and Dishes, you’ll want to check out our next book club event on September 20th at McClintock Distilling. (But more about that later….)

Weddings, corporate events, private dinner parties….. Minda and her staff do it all and one thing is certain. (And I know this from experience) People will be talking about Love and Dishes long after the party is over.  Thanks, Minda, for becoming a Soles Sister!



Beth Schillaci: Inner Child

Inner Child Home Fragrances is owned by Beth and Julia Schillaci, my favorite mother-daughter team. The story of how this company came into existence is one you’ll just have to read on their website because it will make you want to pack your bags and start traveling. Inner Child was inspired by a surreal, evocative experience Beth had during a trip to Hawaii. The sense of smell can be a powerful thing and the memory of what Beth experienced became the springboard for her first home fragrance.

Always the teacher, Beth is continually teaching her mini-entrepreneur Julia about what to do with a great idea. Her philosophy is always that entrepreneurship is built on passion and that work must be fun. As testimony to the life lessons she teaches, here are a few of their corporate core values:

At Inner Child, we believe in: growing older but not up; being kind; having fun; making “me” time; Ohana; everyone is creative; learning new things; coloring books have always been for kids and adults; making memories; scent evokes memories; spending as much time in your “happy place” as possible; celebrating little victories.

You’ll get to experience a little of your own “Inner Child” on August 4th. If you smell a luscious fruit aroma coming from some of the candles on our tables at Soles of Love, thank Beth Schillaci for acting on her intuition.