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Meet Platform Sponsor Middletown Valley Bank

I guess it’s no secret that I’m a little obsessed with Middletown Valley Bank. Most recently, they became the caretaker of the Soles of Love, LLC account and I frequent their Myersville Branch often as a customer. I find them to be a bank who truly understands the concept of service. When I asked them which of Galatians’ “Fruits of the Spirit” their organization could most relate to, it was not a surprise that they chose “Kindness.”

We make an effort to greet every single customer as they walk through the door even if that just means a simple hello and we’ll be right with you.  We strive to learn our customers by name and create a true relationship with each of them.  Kindness goes a long way.  It doesn’t matter the balance you carry or how large of a loan you may have, every interaction is just as important as the next.  One of our core values as a company is “positive attitude”.  We define that as helping our customers, clients, associates, and communities grow and thrive.  What better way to do that than with a little kindness!

And they do that!  They really really do! Even in the drive-thru, (which is where most of my transactions occur.) They genuinely seem happy to see me and are never too busy to ask me how my day is going or share some kind word.

MVB is all about Community. Community. Community.  They walk the “community” talk and, as an organization, believe it’s extremely important to be present and actively involved in organizations and events that represent our communities.  As an organization MVB has logged over 1,000 volunteer hours, just in the last 15 months.

Their corporate headquarters/main office is located on Main Street in Middletown, MD, although due to recent growth, they needed more room to accommodate additional staff. This prompted the opening of a Credit Servicing Center in downtown Hagerstown earlier this year. This location is now home to their Commercial Relationship Managers, Loan Operations, and Credit Departments

Middletown Valley Bank is continuing to expand.  With the first Hagerstown branch opening in October of 2015, one thing is certain, Washington County will be seeing a lot more of this kind, service oriented company in the coming year.

In recognition of your involvement in Soles of Love, as well as for always making me feel like a valued client, thank you!