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Meet Platform Sponsor Lancaster Craftsman Builders

If “home is where your story begins,” then Mark and Judy Lancaster of Lancaster Craftsman Homes are best selling authors. With over 35 years incorporated in Frederick County, our next Soles of Love Platform Level Sponsor proves that companies built with a foundation of trust and integrity will always survive our fickle economy.

Lancaster, through its various contractors, employs over 300 people in Frederick County. In addition, their blueprint for leadership and service leaves a lasting footprint in our community. Active in so many charitable and civic causes, Mark and Judy give graciously of their time, talent, and treasures to organizations such as Boys & Girls Club of Frederick County, FMH Good Samaritan, Tivoli Society, Alzheimer’s Association, as well as the Rotary Club of Frederick.

I’ve personally had the good fortune to volunteer under the leadership of both members of this dynamic duo. Judy has co-chaired the Memory Ball for the past seven years, of which I’ve been involved for the past four. Her attention to detail and ability to do whatever it takes makes me wonder if leadership is not a noun, rather a verb, and one she demonstrates exceedingly well.

Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of serving on our Rotary’s Board of Directors with Mark and am always impressed with the thorough approach he takes to problem-solving. Which brings me to the “fruits of the spirit” analogy I’m using for this year’s Soles of Love theme.

When I asked which fruit best described Lancaster Craftsman Homes, it comes as no surprise that they selected forbearance.

With so many parts that go into designing, building, financing, and making selections for a home it takes the patience of Job to see it all come together.  Stressful times for our clients are what we manage best, offering them experienced hands and product knowledge to ensure our mission of being the finest custom home builder in Mid-Maryland is fulfilled.”

I’d say “mission accomplished.”  Thank you, Judy and Mark, for helping me build Soles of Love in the Garden into the event it has become.