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Meet Stiletto Sponsor WLR Automotive Group

If I were to give WLR Automotive Group a motto, it would be “Go BIG or go HOME!”  Since coming onto the “Soles of Love” scene last year as a Shoebox Sponsor, it’s clear to me that everything they do, they SUPERSIZE. Mediocrity is not in this company’s vocabulary. They approach every task with an attitude that they are in it to win it. Whether serving their customers or serving the community, they do it up BIG!

Last year, WLR’s force of nature (otherwise known as Michelle Rankin!) contacted me and indicated that they would love to collect shoes on our behalf as a Shoebox Sponsor. They not only created their own, unique “look” (festive, colorful orange tubs) but they placed their collection tubs in all 20 locations around the region! Collecting in excess of 200 pairs of new shoes, the WLR Dream Team won a free “motivational” workshop for their staff for their efforts.

When I presented that workshop months later, I was so impressed with the collective positivity of their leadership team. They understand that work can be fun and that service to the community can be even MORE fun. I’m honored to now call them friends.

This year they join the Soles effort as a Stiletto Sponsor and have also committed to collect shoes in all their locations again on our behalf.

I asked Michelle which “fruit of the Spirit” WLR Automotive Group could most relate to, this was her heartfelt response:

Kindness – Aristotle defined kindness as “helpfulness towards someone in need, not in return for anything, nor for the advantage of the helper himself, but for that of the person helped”. I believe this describes not only WLR as a company but its employees. Whether we’re collecting Thanksgiving meals for those without, cycling 100+ miles to raise money for kids in our community, or donning stilettos for Soles of Love, our employees are quick to raise their hand and ask, “How can I help?”. As a company we continue to seek those within our communities who need help which fosters an environment for kindness.

If you’ve never been to one of WLR’s facilities–which encompasses The Auto Spa, The Lube Center, and The Auto Repair, you must. Any company who employs men willing to don a pair of stilettos to promote our drive is obviously willing to do whatever it takes to make their customers happy!  So say hello to the “Soles Men of WLR.” I think you’ll understand now what I mean by “Go BIG or Go Home!”  Way to go guys!